Solving regional issues through tourism


Creation and origination of tourism demand.

We will not only create demand through promotion of existing regional characteristics,
We will promote activities based on the concept of ”creating tourism and demand.”

(1) Attract educational tours

Target not only domestic but also international destinations. We aim to attract visitors by creating a new type of educational travel that is not limited to students and experiences.

(2) Inbound promotion

Target countries connected to Narita/Haneda and aim to create new demand by strengthening cooperation with Narita/Haneda Airports.

(3) Promotion of settlement and migration (including marriage activities)

The basic concept is area inbound (activities to help local unwilling unmarried people find a marriage partner). The aim is to create demand through the development of marriage activities based on travel, and to promote migration and settlement to prevent mismatching.

(4) Workcation promotion

Activities such as ”creating demand for travel (short stays) → repeat visits”, ”creating demand for stays → two-location living → migration → settlement” and ”creating demand as a work location for companies” will be promoted.

(5) Promotion of tourism DX & seminars, etc.

Promote the introduction of Tourism DX, study groups, seminars, etc. to compensate for the lack of personnel and to carry out efficient activities.

(6) Promotion of measures against empty houses

Aim to solve regional issues such as measures against vacant houses, while promoting the conversion of vacant houses into accommodation facilities and the acquisition of international certifications such as Albergo Diffuso